11 April 2015

Top 3 Pinterest Pins

Starting today, every week we will bring you our most popular pins as shared by you on Pinterest.

This week, you chose pins from our 'design | office' and 'design | lighting' boards.

Top Pin #1:

Small companies, such as ours, use office design to reinforce their culture and inspire creativity. Wouldn't it be really inspiring to work in a space like the one below? The muted shades of purple and teal collide with the white details in this nice studio photographed by Tia Borgsmidt, as seen on Remodelista. It's currently on my list of DIY projects to try.

Top Pin #2:

Concrete and bamboo were combined in these minimalist pendant lights designed by Bentu Design, an experimental design studio based in China. As always, the beauty of natural materials with the raw edge of unpolished concrete makes a wonderful juxtaposition! Its aesthetic allows the 'And Pendant Light' to fit in just about anywhere, as seen on TrendHunter. It would be a nice addition to Je Suis un Lapin new HQ!

Top Pin #3:

The 'Bocci 21 Series' is crafted from sheets of raw porcelain wrapped around frosted blown glass diffusers, resulting in these beautiful pendants that are inspired by the arrangement of barnacles over rocks. Popular for both residential and commercial applications, I would love to see them hanging over my dining table. What about you? Comment below with your thoughts!

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